Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In N Out

So last night, I, along with 3 friends, went to In N Out with the sole purpose of fuckin with someone. As I was pulling into the parking lot, I successfully inconvenienced every car in the parking lot, and got stares. All was well so far.

Then, we see a young (~17 - 20) couple hugging and kissing and stuff. I then look at the restaurant, and notice how easy it is to see inside. I tell my friends to follow my lead

We go inside, and order something small (milkshake) then sit down at a window seat. Then, stare. Stare. Stare.

We stared at the couple, and eventually, they noticed us. We just kept staring. The girl got a little freaked I think, and got into her car, and left a few minutes after. The guy slowly walked to his car while looking at us. We made a few gestures, which he returned. When he got to his car, he pointed at us and we kinda just nodded. He then drove slowly, right in front of the restaurant and looked at us. We waved

Was fun

TL;DR: creeped some couple out at a fast food place till they left


  1. Hah, I hate people that do this, definitely best way to annoy someone, extra points for choosing In n Out <3

  2. oh btw that pic is me, at a different business.

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  4. what a creepy guy staring out the window like that~

  5. talk about a night on the town lol


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  7. are you a wizard?

  8. I wouldn't dare to do something like that ^_^

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